a scenario for brexit

How to play into the brexit process as a blogger, journalist, lobbyist, policy maker or politician? The first thing you would want to know is how does a possible brexit scenario look like. In this posting I will analyze the motives and people behind the brexit event and delineate a brexit scenario which may unfold in the coming years. Fiction or not, it may lead to novel ideas and perhaps help you creating yours.

By studying the brexit astrological chart we may foresee the nature and development of the brexit process which may take up to 2020 to complete. This is the event chart of the brexit voting on June 23 2016, 07:00 BST London 51N30, 00W10. 07:00 BST marks the decision event’s starting time and London as the symbolic centre of the UK marks the place of this event. We use the Placidus and Equal house systems.

Delineation of the chart. First we analyze what type of message may have been broadcasted by the brexit event. Second we address who may be part of the real stakeholder group and what their hidden strategy may be.

1.    Message: issue creation

Moon Aqu/7th chart ruler: The event is about a participative and detached way of expression of mass opinion on foreign affairs and international treaties. It denotes how to organize the opinion of the common people, the crowds and the population as a whole on the relation with other countries in a democratic, sociable and innovative way.

Sun Can/12th – squ Mc: The event is motivated by feelings of being imprisoned as a sovereign nation, creating feelings of vulnerability. The event may feel as a self protected move to safeguard a national identity and a centre of power from diffusing and from secret enemies abroad. It may be a move against agents of foreign nations that seemed to exercise a hidden power over the authority of the nation. To fulfill a need to belong by pleading allegiance (of the cabinet and prime minister) to a common authority and heritage as a response to the feeling of alienation created by an institutional authority (EU). A national expression of seeking inner emotional security in an estranged environment, as the EU may be experienced as a confined institute and as a place of isolation and subversion, as a place of secret societies and parties. The call for a referendum envisions a different role for UK in the world, symbolized by the prime minister and cabinet, which is both challenging and asserting its self interest and role in the world. The UK is not a team player here, it shows great will power and activity leaving no consideration for the interest of others which of course may lead to conflicts.

Ven Can/12th – squ Mc: The event is an emotional get together, to focus on all those things for people that makes it pleasant to stay together, and perhaps also as a means to express a possible felt contrast between the British and the continental culture. The event can be seen as a democratic showcase for the state to function without repression, to expose and counteract to what it may have experience itself within the confinement of the EU institutional context. The event can also be seen as a manifestation for cultural and artistic values that make up the British identity, again to place this in contrast with a supposedly experienced subversive impact by an institutional influence. The call for a referendum may be a passionate war on values, creating a bonding experience in the UK and to both challenge and assert its current self image.

Mars Sco/5th – trine Chiron Pis/9th (conj Mc) – trine Asc: The event marks intense and uncompromising industrial disputes within the context of the national economy and about the role of London as financial center. A secret war may be going on in the House of Lords and diplomatic service right now. This dispute may point to a more symbolical level. The event may show a secret but collective need of the British people to have an enemy, for instance a supra national authority like the EU as a representation of globalization and/or of WWII traumas. Psychologically the event may mean the enjoyment of defending the nation state, based on the desire to share at a very deep level in order to achieve intense personal attachments and emotional enjoyment. The event may catalyze the feeling that you as a person count and that you are a citizen within a nation. This may resonate with a global trend to retract from globalism.

This event symbolizes the undertaking of a pilgrimage, a ritual journey of healing to a sacred place. The event unravels a deeply passionate zeal which longs to devote us to something. The UK may however experience difficulty following this wave of enthusiasm and in following this vision, others may have difficulty to share their sense of the meaning of things. Brexit as a promise to set things straight between the UK and the EU, could easily lead to an even deeper disillusion about foreign relations. The British public (leave) may feel deeply disappointed and betrayed in the end by this ‘self created bargain’, it may not deliver anything. Chiron indicates that this event may become a ‘self sacrificing act’. In the end it may be the EU who is healed by brexit, leaving the UK seemingly empty handed and paying the price for having been the agent of this healing process. It may lead the UK to completely redefine the image the UK pretends to others and the nations self image. So this may turn out to be a truly heroic time for the UK, to let the old vision of its role in the world die in order to let a new vision of its role in the world be reborn.

2.     People: the stakeholder group

Ura Ari/10th – squ Asc: On the other end of the spectrum this event may reflect the daring, impatience and independent role of the ruling class in the UK and its forceful push for renewal, sudden change, revolution, anarchy, autocracy, radicalism, new ideologies, modern techniques. The event reflects the government expressing their right wing (Tory) political ideas on free market enterprises and individualism, to counteract a more collective and federal view of an institutional authority (EU). The event marks political revolution and economic change in national aspirations like as if testing ones strength, as an affirmation of the national reputation and how it wants to be seen by its neighbours. This revolutionary initiative is supported by social unrest created by the huge influx of new immigrants (of which 50% is non-eu) in the UK. These numbers lead the government to challenge the principle of free movement of people within the EU as a way of motivating the referendum and to rally enough support. The call for a referendum seems to confront the vision of the EU mostly on this point and second on economical and political issues. In reverse the referendum may be a struggle to change and assert the way the UK as a people is looking at the world.

Pluto Cap/6th: The event may represent that healing principle which forces a collective, as an organic whole, to experience violent phases of self healing, in order to become well again. The event could be experienced as if it were a psychic outbreak from the unconscious with epidemic proportions. The event could become an authoritively managed metamorphosis of all public and national services, political institutions, trade unions and especially the working class in the UK. The event may turn into a violent and abusive change of all aspects of daily life (workers and employees generally, the employed classes and their political institutions such as socialist parties  and trade unions) in the UK, carried out in the dark or hidden from public view, by some political underground.

In the ‘Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism’ by Naomi Klein we may find an explanation of what is going on. It would mean that brexit is not the real goal but only used/created as a big unfreeze (a disruption and destabilization of society). This creates a gap in the normal order, a window of opportunity and time frame which enables the ruling party to make ‘the necessary changes’. These changes would be impossible to make otherwise. In reality brexit may be just a way of bypassing the system by some hidden political group taking care of their own interests. This can’t be an international business related group because they all voted against brexit, who then are these people? The chart points to a possible group in the House of Lords and diplomatic service. We don’t really know what their motives are, but they couldn’t be economically motivated.

This doesn’t mean that benefitting certain groups economically may not happen, these measures may come in through the back door so to speak. We may allready know who the beneficiaries will be, probably not the working class. Following the analogy a step further, the strategy would be to use harsch EU regulatory consequences of a brexit to introduce counter measures (like a reduction on corporate tax) in order to ‘save’ the economy. The question next is which brexit model would facilitate their wishlist of counter measures best, which brexit model must be negotiated in order to create max return in the form of counter measures that benefits some group? We may assume that this wishlist has already been submitted at this point in time (oct 2016). Now it may be up to the negotiators to select the best brexit model to make the introduction of the desired counter measures possible.

3.     Way.  How to campaign: the shaping of the public debate: the mutable grand cross (red square) Mer Gem/11th – Nep Pis/9th – Sat Sag/5th – Jup Vir/3rd : 

(a) The chart shows a uniquely configurated public debate which is organized so that no one may agree with each other, it is impossible to arrive at some conclusion.  The debate about the image the UK pretends to others and the nations self image seems to be caught up in a multi polar discussion between media, government and political institutions, religion, philosophy, priests, bankers, aristocracy and higher classes, the church, the legal system, publishers, academic educational system. All these different parties are pushing their incompatible arguments and visions. The mutable grand cross may create a type of thinking and communication that actively seeks opposition and conflict.

(b) The second point we may learn from the chart is that the public debate may not be able to touch on the relevant issues, the public may be caught in pseudo arguments. All communication of the public media, government and political institutions (House of Commons) about brexit excludes the brexit event’s main stakeholder group (Uranus)? Public scrutiny of what is really going on may be lacking.

(c) The third point this chart shows is that the image the UK pretends to others and the nations self image merges with feelings of imprisonment and the need for emotional security (Nep Pis/9th tri Sun/Venus Can/12th). This may not help a rational debate, instead this may lead to delusions and subversion. 

The mutable grand cross effecting the public debate and the referendum itself is the most critical element in the chart. The debate seems to drive people apart, may introduce all sort of pseudo arguments and may be motivated irrationally. This will go on in the years ahead. It seems to render both government and the public impotent. If you ever would want to bypass the system this may be the way to do it. First take out democratic institutions through a referendum and next take out public opinion by shaping the public debate like the chart indicates.

4.        People: the stakeholder group context: the UK

What are the real reasons why (still present tense) this supposedly hidden political group has initiated such a scenario (with 20 years of prep)? What strategy would necessitate this intervention? For us to further research that question we would have to look on a higher scale, at the chart of the UK as a country.

 chart of the UK

UK chart: The first chart (1) shows the founding chart of England, the coronation of William I, Dec 25 1066 in London. In the second and third chart we may see signs related to the Brexit event. In the 3rd chart we may see a clear parallel event, the Uranus transit on the Ascendant marks the triggering of the brexit event. The 2nd chart, about the Uranus progression conjunct Sun which is active from 1800 on until the end of this century, may be linked to all revolutions and innovations in British society. Possibly accompanied by rioting and outbreaks of political tension, political revolutions, economic change, strikes, political dissidents, wars (where these represent a breakdown of order). This may be the worldly expression symbolized by the Uranus progression conjunct Sun, putting the British in the role of innovator, rebel, iconoclast and outsider internationally.

This may lead to the idea that perhaps the ‘Shock Doctrine’ has a long history in the UK. There may be a long term trend in British foreign policy, touching any foreign relation (as with the EU) in an Uranian way mostly for inland political purposes. This may have become basic strategy in UK politics. If we look at the history of the Tories since 1832 we may see a parallel pattern correlated to this Uranian influence on British foreign policy. Perhaps the conclusion is that the Tory movement as a whole is symbolized by the Uranus progression in the UK chart. We may or should perhaps find confirmation of this in the role of Boris Johnson, a personality with certain Uranian traits emerging as foreign secretary and propagator of the brexit event.

5.       People: the stakeholder group context: about the UK-EU relationship

UK-EU composite and synastric charts

UK chart & EU chart: The analogy between the chart of the UK and the role of the Tories is quite suggestive. Even more surprising is the suggestion that the EU-UK relation is one of positive mutual identification. The single problem between the UK and the EU however is simply the conflict between need for individual freedom (UK) and the family (EU). There’s no indication in these charts of a deeper cultural divide between the UK and EU because most placements are good and add to a positive relationship. Clarifying this further would be important for the coming restructuring of the UK-EU relationship. In this relationship two placements stand out:

Sun conj Sun composite (chart 1/2): The UK strongly identifies with the EU and is very much alike in important ways. An innate appreciation and understanding of one another’s essence exists between them, and this is vitalizing for both. However, they share the same flaws and weaknesses as well as the positive qualities, and they may find it difficult to deal with one another because they exhibit the very things they like least about themselves.

Uranus 4th house synastric overlay (chart 3):  This shows the influence of the UK on the EU and that its stressful dealings with the UK are permanent, these are not incidents. The communal focus of the EU will always conflict with the UK demands for freedom of action. The UK feels that the EU is pressing too closely and may be limiting and repressive. Like a parental role the EU may feel it has taken on some responsibility for the UK without understanding why. The EU hasn’t been able to deal with this permanent in-house disrupting force in the past except avoiding conflicts by creating exceptions. Perhaps this does this raise the question whether this conservative paternalistic focus of the EU (EU natal Sun in Capricorn/4th) should be modernized? Probably the times are indicating this and so it may perhaps become unavoidable (Pluto transits 4th 2008-2027). Since 2008 the EU is in a state of permanent crisis which all somehow attack the interior and privacy of the EU: the financial, banking, euro and Greek crisis, the Snowdon, Ukranian, refugee, Turkish and lately added the TTIP and brexit crisis. All of them are unsolved.

EU chart, Pluto transit 4th 2008 – 2027

6.     Way: how is brexit received in the EU and how to approach Brussels, Berlin and Paris?

ACG map of the brexit event chart

Michael Maïer - Atalanta Fugiens - 1618 - Emblème XXVII

The Brussels response/approach:

Ven squ MC acg line / Sat and Mar ls line: The UK may be totally occupied by itself, being unable to make friendly contact with the other side, you know: ‘the EU’. The UK demands more reconciliation from the others than it is willing to give. Only long term objectives will succeed here, only through hard work rewards are possible, without taking any short cuts, with endless patience and the ability to overcome frustration by the inevitable obstacles that arise. It needs to involve careful planning and attention to detail rather than spontaneous decisions. However, the UK may find itself taking dangerous risks that it wouldn’t normally consider resulting in unnecessary accidents. The UK may also be short-tempered, quick to enter into unwise battles. Rivalry abounds along this direction.

The Berlin response/approach:

Pluto squ MC acg line / Sun ls line: The UK should be really careful not to stir controversy and resistance of others or trying to snub, ignore, underestimate, manipulate, bypass or overrule German politics. They should avoid everything that may give the impression they’re are not prepared to compromise. The approach to Berlin may require only brutal honesty, tact and wisdom considering history, putting the debate on the freedom of movement of people in perspective. For Germany the EU may be thé new Germany because after the 2nd WW there was nothing to go back to. Something happened that couldn’t and still can’t be explained. Germany as a concept became inaccessible, buried, hidden or locked up somewhere as a dangerous power that can’t be contained, leaving the Germans orphanized. The post war German identity may be nothing but that which is shared through the EU by other EU countries as a surrogate identity. The UK may perceive this as if Germany sees itself as the new EU, it’s probably the reverse as if Germany is trying to dissolve itself in the EU. Looking at both charts of the EU (1 Jan 1958) and the FRG (5 May 1955) it may not come as a surprise seeing parallel traits between them.

In Berlin the UK may come across as being totally obsessed reaching for its own goals. Because the UK may not be seen/behave in Berlin as a team player conflicts could indeed arise. Beating the drum in Berlin declaring the EU model obsolete could sum up something from the collective unconsciousness that perhaps should better have stayed there. Something post war Germany has tried to walk away from and suppress may appear, the old German warrior spirit claiming dominance.

The UK may fall pray to people with the presumed same obsessed intentions turning against the UK, doing everthing possible to change the UK against its own will. Somehow the chart indicates that the UK may be touching here on all aspects of life that are carried on in the dark or hidden from public view – political undergrounds, espionage, organised crime, all things hidden and secretive (not necessarily German) with great wealth and power. So whatever happens in Berlin by whoever, during the brexit process this may become extremely manipulative and unfriendly to the UK.

The Paris response/approach:

Uranus ls line: Previously I said that the UK demands for individual freedom may conflict with the EU communal focus. This seems to impact mostly the relation between the UK and France. It is perhaps that the UK bid for independence is mostly felt in Paris, which may be effected the most by brexit. Like an Uranian shake-up the whole city and the French government may change through brexit in ways we cannot even suspect. It is perhaps in Paris that the Tory group who initiated brexit may find partnership. In French politics a complete policy change may occur, perhaps France becomes the second country that distances itself from the EU in some way, moving in the direction of the UK (both nuclear powers). France may try to leverage the brexit event to revive its economic position (city of Paris as financial center) and through that to reestablish its politically leading role in Europe in contrast to Germany. Such a nationalists move by France could impact the EU as a whole leaving it no choice but to reset its parameters introducing redefined relations according to needs of time.

A brexit strategy

These responses/approaches may support the theory that the brexit event introduces a wave of nationalism in both Germany and France and could function as the perfect change project leading to the type European Union the UK originally had in mind (non political/non federal). The UK may perhaps wants to evoke a nationalist move in Germany and France which indirectly may cause the EU to change. The choice for a particular brexit model which is to be negotiated and the choice for a particular campaign and accompanying rhetoric to shape these negotiations may be based on this strategy. The UK may have selected this brexit event chart for this sole purpose only. The public discussion about soft or hard brexit may just as well be a pseudo discussion. Everyone is busy with details and may be lost in this labyrinth of conflicting self interests and views. The hidden strategy may be that a brexit event (created by this chart) could be the tipping point luring Germany and France into a nationalist move as if it were the only way the EU could be changed.

Could this strategy backfire, meaning that the federal ambitions of the EU cannot be diverted? Not very likely, by embracing this brexit event chart the UK may choose to act as a change agent to change the EU. The UK is casted in this role. Chiron in the brexit chart indicates that the UK may successfully do this, however without being able to profit from these changes itself. Such is the nature of Chiron: you get ‘administrator rights’ but you probably also get hurt. In the UK the feeling may creep up that something has been stolen or unwillingly sacrificed along the way, or see others walk away with the rewards of its actions. Perhaps other countries still being part of the EU may use this brexit event as a jumping board to arrive in a position the UK had envisioned for itself but somehow failed to materialize. The reward of Chiron will be that the real issues to solve come foreward leading to real understanding. Not being able to go back and forth, leading itself into something unknown this may be a truly heroic time for the UK.

Could the UK still get out of this all? Yes, denounce the chart by rejecting the referendum, or do a second referendum which would lead to a different chart when adopted. In that case all the different aspects of this delineation should be reconsidered before choosing a new date.

7.      Way: responses / approaches to partners worldwide. 

Global ACG map of the brexit event chart

The things I have written about the workings of Pluto in this brexit event (read 2 and 6) may have its source in New York and Moscow.

New York

Pluto MC ACG line on New York & Mars ls line.  The brexit event gives the UK much power and initiative in New York to defend its interests. Logically one could expect that the UK may use its influence in New York/US to help promoting its interests in coming negotiations with the EU. That may work only to a certain extend, the common interest of the US-EU will put this in a different perspective. With geopolitics and international finance at stake the US could start influencing the brexit event both in and outside the UK. One extreme possibility (and count on extremeties with Pluto/MC) is that these supposedly powerful partners in New York may already have decided to take over the whole event limiting UK’s options dictating their own agenda. The UK may be forced back in the row as the US may exercise its power here.

Another aspect of this line is related to what we’ve said earlier (2) about the potential brutal impact Pluto may have on all public and national services, political institutions, trade unions and especially the working class in the UK. Daily life in the UK may become like in the US after brexit. The UK may probably allow US companies, institutions and regulators increased access to the UK, as if the Tories have already decided to become a member state of the US. By importing all US problems with it this may lead to a further neglect of the low income groups in the UK as we know it today: an even more failing scholing, health care, judicial and police system, increased racial segregation, increased violence, etc. It would be interesting to elaborate here on cultural differences between the US and the UK. 


Pluto ls line on Moscow. The Brexit event may have solicited attention from Moscow too. This is different from New York’s naturally. There is no interaction with parties in Moscow and their influence may be secretive, potentially violent (Pluto) and indirect. Moscow may be wondering how the UK brexit public debate on leaving the EU could be externally influenced? How the EU public debate on brexit or the negotiation process between the UK and the EU could be influenced? They may be wondering how the relation between the UK and Germany, or the UK and eastern Europe could be influenced? How the brexit event could be catapulted into an EU wide event? All these questions and many others may be interesting to Moscow if it would want to act as a stakeholder in the event defending or expanding its interests. Moscow may see this brexit event as an opportunity to be secretly active and transformative (Pluto). The brexit event chart is casting Moscow in this role, it would have been different if for instance a Mercurius ls line had been on Moscow.

Chiron MC on Dublin This line is about something lost through this event related to the UK’s role in the world. We may expect that the headoffices of the financial and other industries in London will be moved to Dublin collectively. This line could also point to losses related to Scotland / Northern Ireland in some form.

Uranus MC on eastern Europe. The brexit event may work as a great disruptor/innovator in Eastern Europe, it’s perceived as if the UK has pulled a stunt which is one sided. Eastern Europe may  return the favor by disrupting the brexit process itself. Moscow still having significant presence in the former east block may want to use this to its own advantage.

Uranus Dec on Beijing  This could point to an unnerving and alienating influence of the brexit event on Beijing (sparking initiatives of bottum-up democracy in China). Which in return could respond likewise with frequent surpises out of the ordinairy to occur with regularity. 

And what about Geneva Switserland, where the head office of the WTO is located? The chart indicates ‘powerful surroundings, strong forceful partners and being coersed by others’. The UK’s efforts to strike new bonds is taking longer than it would wish. The problem lies in the fact that the UK is giving too much. The UK is focussed on the needs of other countries rather than on nurturing its own interests.


In short, based on the chart Dublin may take over London’s role of EU portal and become an important center for the financial services and other industry’s headoffices. However the brexit event may become a little bit bigger than that. The chart shows that the brexit event could cause a crisis in the EU. A crisis that worsens all other ongoing crisis depending on the EU’s capability to deal with it. The UK may be over its head initiating this by brexit. Super powers may show significant interest trying to defend and expand their power base in Europe. The US may overrule the UK by taking over the direction of the brexit event. Moscow may leverage its influence in eastern Europe trying to disrupt and escalate the event to its own purpose. Through brexit the cards may be reshuffeld in the coming four years on a global scale. This will be the upmake for a period when Pluto enters Aquarius (2023-2043).

8.      Trends: the message’s context (in progress)

How is the message of brexit supported by what international trend? How is this message  supported by the different generations? For this to analyze we would have to look at the positions of outer planets in this event chart and consequently in the charts of the different generations.

When Pluto enters Aquarius (2023-2043) new areas of events will emerge where transformation occurs through death and rebirth. Typical Aquarius areas are: free-market enterprise, unimaginable scientific discovery, global issues of human cooperation, ideals of Human rights, eccentric ideas and leadership, diminished role of the family and increased urbanization. But also nuclear energy, uranium, right-wing political ideas, clashes in political ideologies leading to revolution, fascism, anarchy and nihilism, anti-establishment, immigration and refugees.








9.      Timing: the brexit event as scenario (in progress)

Here we focus on the different phases of the brexit process enfolding in time based on the brexit event chart. We may construct a timeline containing nine important moments between 23 jun 2016 and 23 jun 2020 in the progression of the brexit process. These progressions could mark important moments in the brexit process within the UK and in the brexit negotiations with the EU.

By setting the date for the brexit referendum the chart becomes animated and will start influencing the course of things to happen. Adopting the referendum is like crossing a threshold and the experience of brexit will come alive and conscious. Not taking this step the British would never have know what brexit really meant. It requires a leap of faith following the heart. The British have stepped into the painting and mysteriously the UK is now living in ‘brexit event time’. The scenario for this experience is defined by the brexit event chart.

  1. prog Moon 7th /Aqu, 23 jun 2016
  2. prog Moon 7th /Aqu, – sex Sat/ tri Mer (aspect active from dec 2016/april 2017)
  3. prog Moon 8th /Aqu, (entering 15 feb 2017) – squ Mar (exact 2 nov 2017)
  4. prog Moon 8th /Aqu, – squ Mar, sex Ura (exact 18 nov 2017)
  5. prog Moon 8th /Pis (entering 1 may 2018) – tri Sun/Ven (exact 30 june 2018
  6. prog Moon 9th /Pis, 25 aug 2018 – tri Sun/Ven, squ Sat (exact 12 mar 2019)
  7. prog Moon 9th /Pis,– con Neptune (aspect exact 21 march 2019) touching the mutable grand cross Mer Gem/11th – Nep Pis/9th – Sat Sag/5th – Jup Vir/3rd
  8. prog Moon 9th/Pis,– con Chiron (aspect exact 1 march 2020) – squ Sun/Ven (exact 6 sept 2020)
  9. progressed Mercury 12th, (entering 28 apr 2020) / prog Moon MC /Ari, (entering 23 jun 2020) – squ Sun/Ven